Russell's Tera Journal: Day 1

by: Russell -
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I recently got the chance to check out the new MMO Tera, and of course since it’s an MMO it’s going to take some time to get through this game.  As such, I’ve been asked to provide some “journal entries” now and then to talk about my experiences with the game.  As such, here’s my first entry.

After creating my character (a human sorcerer or course, as I tend to lean towards sorcerers and mages), I began the game on a beach area at night with some soldiers and medics washed ashore.  My initial quests were to go and check in with the medics and deliver some supplies, then report back on the status.  This eventually lead to me searching a “cave” (which really wasn’t a cave it seems) for another soldier and joining up with his forces to take down some big monster.  Due to the text size on the UI (which you can thankfully resize), I couldn’t see the name of the creature.  Thankfully, I had a lot of power at my disposal.  Turns out when I started the game I was already at Level 20, had a lot of health and MP, and had several spells to unleash on anything that got in my way.  My first thought was “well, maybe it’s because it’s a press account”.

Well, after taking down the giant creature, it actually changed into something else, but that fight didn’t last long before a cut scene took place to explain more of the story.  After that, another cut scene brought us to present day while I was flying towards some land (not too sure what it’s called yet) with a group of people, and once we landed, I noticed that I was back at Level 1 with only a couple spells at my disposal.  What I had just done was the game’s Prologue.  Now the adventure really begins.
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