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by: Nathaniel -
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It's obvious that gamers love The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.  Despite hitting right in the middle of the Holiday crush (and after two other games that sold huge), it still moved a bazillion copies in it's first week.  Anyone who has played Skyrim (or Oblivion, or Fallout 3) also know how buggy Bethesda games are.  Two big ones affecting gamers right now are a bug that causes texture issue when the game is installed on an Xbox 360 while PS3 owners have to deal with a mysterious affliction where as your save file grows so does myriad issues affecting Skyrim's stability.  And those are just two big ones; including all the little ones and the ones that are actually adorable like horses riding dragons, there just wouldn't be enough terrabytes of space available in the universe to list them all online.  However, good news is on the horizon.  Bethesda's VP or PR and Marketing, Pete Hines has said publicly via Twitter that a patch for both consoles has been submitted for certification and that they're expected to go live the week after Thanksgiving.  Of course that means if you are Canadian, you got the patch before the game came out (lucky you), and if you live in Europe, you never get the patch at all (unlucky you).*

[via IGN]

*Get it?  Because Thanksgiving is only celebrated this week in America versus October for Canada and never for Europe.