Say hello to most of the races and genders from Skyrim

by: Nathaniel -
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If message boards are to be believed, then seeing male and female versions of each race in a fantasy or sci-fi RPG is super important (like the mostest important ever).  If that is, indeed the case, then this batch of screen shots from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim should make the fanboys bleat with glee.

And since the shots aren't themselves labeled, I'll label them for you in no particular order:  Two Argonian Females (lizard people), and one male (lizard person with horns), a Dark Elf male and female (scary, pointed ears), two Khajiit males (cat people, the females were in heat, I guess), two Nord males (vaguely Nordic, human - I guess their females were in heat as well), two Orc males (maybe one is a female, but you can't tell them apart), male and female Redguards (human, not vaguely Nordic), and two Wood Elf males (pointy ears, less scary looking than Dark Elves)

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim comes out 11.11.11

[via: destructoid]