Minecraft news galore!

by: Jeremy -
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Notch has updated his personal blog with an abundance of post-E3 news regarding the indie smash Minecraft. The news is mostly good but there is one bulletpoint that will sadden those waiting for the full version of the game.

Here are some of the points mentioned in the blog posting:
  • release date of the official release is being pushed back, possibly as little as a week; the delay stems around the inability to book a venue for MinecraftCon on 11/11/11
  • the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft that was announced at E3 will be a brand new version of the game built exclusively for console play and Kinect support; it will not be coming to any other systems
  • Beta version 1.7 will add in “adventures” which will “flesh out” the game a bit; no other details are being given on what this addition will bring
The game is definitely ramping up and the new update in particular could really change things up a bit. I cannot wait to see what they have in store for the console version of the game as I don’t believe that anyone was expecting that announcement out of Microsoft’s press conference. That was arguably the thing that surprised me the most at the show...

Source: The World of Notch