Conduit 2 brings the achievements

by: Sean Colleli -
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One major complaint I've heard a lot is that the Wii doesn't have a universal achievements system. While I've personally never really liked the idea of achievements (can you imagine Zelda with them?), the one genre I do enjoy them in is shooters, and Conduit 2 has its own extensive achievement system. These can range from the typical (x number of headshots) to the goofy (x number of teabags) to the truly insane, as we've all come to expect from those Halo 3 "kill-yourself-with-traffic-cone" videos.

What I like about these achievements is that they actually do something, kind of like the ones on Steam. Every achievements gives you XP and in-game cash, so pulling off crazy stunts or racking up headshots lets you upgrade your character faster and show off your stats online. There's also a medal system attached to the achievements that nets you even more XP. In my opinion this is how achievements should've been handled on Xbox Live all along, instead of just adding to a pointless tally of points that do absolutely nothing.