Prep your loadout for Conduit 2

by: Sean Colleli -
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I was browsing Facebook when I happened upon this new dev diary for Conduit 2, fresh from the folks at High Voltage Software. It details the many loadout combinations you can play around with in both single and multiplayer. One thing I liked about the first game was the sheer variety of bizarre sci-fi weapons, and it looks like HVS is pushing that much farther in the sequel.

Like most modern FPS's you can combine different guns and perks to maximize their effectiveness, but the sci-fi setting allows for some very eclectic combos, like cloaking devices and blinding powder for melee specialists, and a total of four different perks that let you see and snipe through walls undetected, and even a stealth upgrade that keeps others from seeing you with the same gun or on their radar.

I knew Conduit 2 was going to be far and away better than the first game, but this video really brought home how much depth is there.