Power Playr checks out Conduit 2

by: Sean Colleli -
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UK gaming show Power Playr has a series of preview videos up on their Youtube channel, demoing some of the action in Conduit 2. I'm not sure why the guy playing doesn't use ironsights more often (he'd be more accurate save a lot of ammo) and he eschews most of the cool scifi guns for the plain old MP5 (everyone knows it's just a bullet hose) but otherwise it's a good preview.
I like that the secondary fire for most human guns is aim-down-sights, while for the alien guns that don't really have ironsights, secondary fire activates weird features like a cloaking device or homing insect bullets. I'm also excited to play Invasion mode--Conduit 2's version of Horde--and I can already tell I'll be dropping countless hours into that mode with my friends.

Conduit 2 launches next Tuesday the 19th. You can check out Power Playr's 5-part preview from their Youtube channel.