Minecraft beta 1.5 details released

by: Jeremy -
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By now, we know that Minecraft is going to shed its beta skin on 11-11-11, but that doesn’t mean that we won’t see any more improvements prior to the official release. Notch has released a new video highlighting some of the additions that will be coming in the 1.5 update that will be hitting soon.

There are numerous additions coming to the game in the next version, primarily stat tracking, achievements, and weather effects. The new version is expected to roll out to users later this week. The addition of achievements should lead to some interesting new gameplay features as there could be some in there that encourage players to do things they wouldn’t normally do in the game. Weather effects could be especially interesting since there is the possibility of them having adverse effects on your buildings and structures.

I am one of the millions who has fallen into the Minecraft world, albeit just recently .Sure, the game may look simple and pointless, but it is actually the definition of “sandbox” and the depth featured in the games various elements and crafting systems is mind boggling. There is simply no easier way to pass the time than with Minecraft…