Conduit 2 proves Wii does online

by: Jeremy -
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High Voltage Software has a released a new trailer for their upcoming Conduit 2 that shows its various multiplayer capabilities. The game, due out on April 19, is a direct sequel to the original Conduit which was widely praised for pushing the Nintendo Wii to its limits of FPS-action, both online and off. The new game looks to push those limits even further.

In addition to a single player campaign, Conduit 2 will also support both local and online multiplayer featuring both competitive and cooperative game modes. The game fully supports the Wiimotion Plus attachment for fans of motion control schemes but also allows players to opt out and use standard FPS controls via the Wii’s Classic Controller. Voice chat is also supported through PDP’s Headbanger headset. The game includes many of the same features that gamers have become accustomed to in competitive FPS games on the 360 and PS3 such as upgradeable perks and character classes.

While the Wii isn’t going to win the online-battle this generation, I am glad to see that developers aren’t giving up the fight. Continued support, even in a losing battle, is good for the user base and ensures that they remain supportive of their console of choice.