How much of that Skyrim trailer is a cut scene and how much is gameplay?

by: John -
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How about all of it except for shots of the wall? If you haven't seen the trailer for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, then you're missing out. Check it and be awed by some great footage. But, is all that footage really what you see when you play or is some of the stuff really a cut scene. Instead of just assuming, I thought I'd just send a quick response into Bethesda even if it was going to be obvious. For the answer, I shot off this email to Bethesda PR of Marketing, Pete Hines.

Hey Pete
The new trailer looks great but I am getting asked.. Is everything in there gameplay or are some of those scenes cut scenes because they sure look pretty damn impressive.

Pete responded with:

Except for the shots of the wall from the trailer, that is 100% in-game.

Just to make sure, I followed up with:

OK, but does that mean that you'll be playing 100% of the parts you see except for the wall. meaning you control the actions and fighting the dragon for example.. it's not pre-scripted or anything you watch but you control the character's actions?

Finally, Pete sent back an email with:

Well some of that is shown from a different perspective than you might see in the game. So dragon battles are the same as fighting anything else. It’s all in first or third person, depending on how you’re playing, and battles in real-time. Completely unscripted.

So there you have it folks. What you see is going to be 100% experienced by you in the game. Some of the sequences had different angles for the trailer's sake, but it sounds like you're going to be able to view all that you see in the trailer first hand and all while in the game and not through a cut scene.