Minecraft is iOs- / Android-bound

by: Jeremy -
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Mojang Studios, creators of Minecraft, have announced that the smash-hit game is in fact headed to the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices later this year. Unofficial version have been published on a variety of platforms, but this marks the first that the game’s developer will release an official version.

The portable version(s) of the game are being handled inhouse by the studio and will be closely based on the full version available on the PC. Unfortunately, it is being said that the portable versions will not receive all of the same updates that the PC versions has, only those that are key to the touch screen version. 

I think that it will be interesting to see if the portable versions take off as fast as the PC version of the game has. The PC version hasn’t even been officially released yet, as it is still labeled as being in beta form, yet has sold well over a million copies. This could be the next game to top the mobile sales listings for month on end…

Source: Kotaku