Conduit 2: tools of the trade

by: Sean Colleli -
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One of my favorite parts of the original Conduit was the esoteric arsenal you got to play around with. HVS is expanding that theme for Conduit 2 with several quirky and deadly new guns. The Hive Cannon returns with a secondary seeker function, but we also get new weapons like the ammo-redirecting Aegis Device (think the bullet collector from District 9) and the Phase Rifle, which can see and shoot through walls, making it a spiritual successor to Perfect Dark's Farsight XR-20.

Unfortunately Conduit 2 is also getting a brief delay from its February 15th date to March 22nd. I know HVS is all about polish and listening to their fans, and I honestly don't mind waiting another month, I'm just worried that what promises to be a stellar game might get overlooked in the hype surrounding the 3DS launch.