GoldenEye 007: Behind the Music

by: Sean Colleli -
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If you can tear yourself away from GoldenEye's multiplayer (I'm having a pretty hard time doing that) here's another video about the making of the game, specifically the music. Game composers Matthew St. Laurent and Kevin Kiner teamed up with veteran Bond musician David Arnold to craft the driving score for the game.

While St. Laurent and Kiner handled most of the in-game music, Arnold re-recorded the main theme with Nicole Sherzinger performing the vocals. Sherzinger does a great job, staying true to Tina Turner's original song for the 1995 film while adding her own style. The game's opening sequence is great too, easily as evocative as any of the recent Bond films. It didn't give me the fanboy chill that Casino Royale's opening did, but I did get a pretty strong nostalgia trip during those opening credits after Bond jumps off the dam, sans parachute.