The maps of GoldenEye 007

by: Sean Colleli -
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The GoldenEye 007 remake is fast approaching, and it's bringing a host of multiplayer maps with it. Many are new, but a handful have the names we're familiar with--Facility, Archives, Jungle. While I understand that this is a re-imagined version of the N64 classic, I hope at least a few of the maps are accurate recreations of the originals. I know every last centimeter of those classic deathmatch levels.

As a side note, people who buy the Classic Controller bundle get an unlock code for Classic Conflict mode, which pits all 8 legacy Bond villains against each other. If you die in this mode you randomly respawn as one of those 8 classic bad guys. You can unlock this mode by reaching level 35 in the multiplayer rankings, but I was planning on getting that snazzy golden Classic Controller bundle anyway so I guess I'll have it from the get-go.