GoldenEye Multiplayer: Behind the Scenes

by: Sean Colleli -
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A while back we got a look at the making of the new GoldenEye 007's story mode, and Eurocom is following up with details on multiplayer development. While the GoldenEye remake will have an online multiplayer with all the amenities you'd expect from a modern game, it also has a fully-featured split-screen mode as well. I know online play affords a lot of advantages but I still have a fondness for split-screen multiplayer. For some reason it just feels more social, and unlike Xbox Live, usually keeps players using some semblance of manners. If you're playing with friends you know socially, you probably don't want to destroy a friendship with a pointless barrage of racial epithets. Failing that, you're less inclined to say things about an opponent's mother if he's sitting right next to you and likely to retaliate with a heavy punch to the shoulder.