GoldenEye 007 gets re-imagined

by: Sean Colleli -
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Calling the new GoldenEye a remake is a bit of an understatement--while the game contains a lot of references and designs from the N64 classic, it's also seen a complete overhaul in style and setting. The new GoldenEye happens in the modern era of Daniel Craig, so the 1997 original has been brought up to speed in a number of ways. To do this Activision has hired Bruce Fierstein, the man behind the original GoldenEye script, to re-write the story for the new game. They also have veteran Bond composer David Arnold scoring the soundtrack, and Hollywood set designer Rob Cowper is reworking the level design.

So far I'm pretty happy with all the changes--I'm a big fan of Daniel Craig's 007 and that take on the franchise--but I have a few reservations. For instance, I'm not quite feeling the super-futuristic antenna cradle. I know it's 2010 and all, but I still think the football-field-sized Arecibo antenna from the original film is pretty badass already. Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think in the comments.