X-Play GoldenEye preview

by: Sean Colleli -
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I stopped watching G4's X-Play a while ago but they still have some decent previews from time to time. Here's a brief look at the GoldenEye remake for Wii, and just a little bit more info on the title.

Personally, I'm still holding onto a healthy skepticism. I'd don't want to be a buzzkill about this remake but I have to be suspicious--after all, this is one of my favorite games of all time. The words "nostalgia" and "classic" have been tossed around a lot but you can tell they're making a lot of references to the classic N64 title without saying a word about Rare or the specifics of the original game. It's a fine line they're walking and I get that; I hope it isn't just lip service though, and they actually care about and respect the N64 game.

A lot of people forget that game wasn't just the multiplayer--the solo campaign really turned FPS on its head and did a lot of the game-changing things Half-Life did on PC, but on a console a few months before Half-Life even hit shelves. A big part of the experience was the unforgettable level design. I wonder, how much of that has been preserved or updated? I'd love to embrace this new game with open arms, but I just can't until I can get my hands on it and get a sense for it. Will this remake still feel like GoldenEye 007--smart, well-paced, cerebral--or will it just be Call of Bond: Golden Warfare?