Is Goldeneye DS in the plans as well?

by: Jeremy -
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Hmmm... this is interesting... and not exactly E3 related.

If you notice on the official web site for Activision’s Goldeneye 007, there is a strange logo included on the bottom. The logo itself isn’t strange, but it is odd that it is included on the page for a Wii exclusive title. The page for Goldneye 007 contains a Nintendo DS logo at the bottom where, tradionally, all of the supported platforms are listed.

Activision made no mention of a DS iteration of the game at the show, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it doesn’t exist. This wouldn’t mark the first time that a Nintendo 64 title was ported over to the Nintendo DS, as a port of Super Mario 64 was one of the first games released for the system. The system is more than capable of handling a port of the game, judging by the various technical feats of the console. Perhaps Activision is saving an announcement of such a port for a later time and date.

I guess we shall wait and see...