E3 2010: Conduit 2 info and screens

by: Jeremy -
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Despite the "rumored" comments that Sega expressed about giving up on the Wii audience, they are publishing High Voltage’s sequel to the highly rated, under-appreciated shooter the Conduit on the platform.

The Conduit 2 is being shown in great detail this week at E3. The new game is being said to include the same polished gameplay as the original, just made even better. High Voltage has added Wii Motion Plus support to the game to enhance the gameplay experience when it comes to both gunplay and melee action.

In terms of the multiplayer aspect of the game, which will undoubtedly return, gamers will have access to a special in-game store with which they can customize and purchase weapons and accessories to create custom loadouts for use within their games. Hopefully, someone from the Gaming Nexus staff will get some hands on time with the game at the conference as I am really looking forward to hearing more information and details.

In the mean time, Sega has released some new screens and images for the game, which you can find below.