More Conduit 2 details emerge

by: Sean Colleli -
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Nintendo Life has an informative interview with Josh Olson, producer on Conduit 2. It’s the first in-depth interview we’ve seen since the game’s announcement and it has some interesting details.

Apparently the game picks up right after the cliffhanger ending of the first one, with Agent Ford entering a conduit to an unknown destination. All of Ford’s weapons now have secondary functions, and he’ll have some new toys to play with. One new weapon is called the Phase Rifle and can shoot through walls; Farsight anyone? The All Seeing Eye will be a lot more useful this time and function like Samus’s scan visor in Metroid Prime. It will be used to access more story details and conspiracy objects, something that was hinted at in the first game but didn’t see enough attention.

There aren’t many details on the single player story but Olson sheds a lot of light on the multiplayer modes. The co-op is a separate mode with its own missions and objectives, and can be played with up to four people online or splitscreen. Same goes for the deathmatch, which is still 12-player in online mode but has really been fleshed out from the rather basic setup from the first game.

HVS has implemented a full class system. Each player will have access to 30 perks in the form of suit upgrades, and players will be able to pick three and build their own class. Each player gets two custom loadouts that can be swapped between spawns. I can imagine this will lead to Team Fortress 2 style gameplay, with players building medic, heavy, demo and other classes and structuring team play around them. The maps are a lot bigger and better designed, geared toward fast, complex team play.

It’s great that we’re getting some concrete info on this game now. I looks like HVS paid attention to the problems people had with the original Conduit and are really working to make Conduit 2 a much more satisfying experience. So far Conduit 2 sounds like everything I wanted out of a sequel.