HVS talks Conduit 2 multiplayer

by: Sean Colleli -
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The Sega Europe blog recently posted an interview they had with two HVS developers about The Conduit 2. Josh Olson and David Pellas reveal some nice details about the multiplayer game, talk about what didn't work in the original and what they're doing to improve the sequel. They admit that while the core FPS experience in The Conduit was fun, the overall one was a bit pedestrian and got repetitive.

For the sequel they're really polishing the original design. Besides making it much harder for hackers to mess with the online game, HVS is also adding a ton of features and customizable options, including perks, a class system and much better maps. They'll also be exploring more scifi alien environments and working to put a lot more variety into the solo campaign.  It sounds like they were just testing the waters with the first game--the sequel is going to be a big deal.