Next Gears of War 2 update information

by: John -
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While there's no release date yet, Epic has details on the next update for Gears of War 2. You'll now be able to acquire experience in Horde mode which for me is a bit late as that's all I've played since I finished the single player game many moons ago. Although I have to admit it was kind of fun to see me having only a 1 by my name leading the pack for most of the waves against people with a lot higher number. Horde mode can now also be restarted on the last failed level which is a great change. Also, the host can now kick people in Horde mode but I wish you can join a Horde game in progress. I always hated having people drop out on the later levels when we were getting into the 20s and 30s in rounds. 13 new achievements have been added as well. There are more so head on over and check out the full details.