iBuyPower shows off its Steam Machine

by: John -
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CES 2014 should bring forth a few more models to be displayed by various companies, but iBuyPower is the first to show off their design for a Valve Steam Machine. Engadget has the details and pics of the living room console computer and it's a pretty simplistic design.

It's two large white slabs with the Steam logo on top and a light ring in the middle. The light ring can be changed so if you want a different color or don't want it on all together, you can do so. The box also houses a power supply, like traditional computers.

Reports are this machine, which will go on sale next year for $499, has an AMD CPU along with a Radeon R9 270 video card in it. 500GB of hard drive space along with WiFi and Bluetooth are inside with the interesting Steam Controller being bundled into the system as well.

iBuyPower says the machine is running an early version of SteamOS, so that means only Linux games can run on this system unless you put Windows on it. 

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