i am 8-bit asking for returned Capcom footage, no equipment

by: John -
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The folks at i am 8-bit were at a Capcom party to do some filming for a Super Street Fighter IV launch. They filmed a lot of interviews and footage and did a lot of hard work to get video of the event.

Unfortunatly, their equipment and footage was stolen so all that hard work has been undone by a bunch of thieves. They are asking for the footage to be returned, the equipment is of no concern. If the footage is returned, they will keep the person(s) identity secret. They just want the priceless video back.

Whoever did this should be prettty ashamed of themselves. In any case, I hope the party that did this does the right thing and return the footage. The equipment is replacable, the memories taken at that event aren't.

If anyone has any information, they can contact i am 8-bit directly.
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