eSports Global Network launches ESGN TV beta, won't stop looping its own YouTube commercial

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I'm told that eSports (competitive video gaming) is bigger than ever. I'm also told that eSports is still growing and realizing its full potential. And now, ESGN -- the eSports Global Network -- tells me that it's time to unify the global eSports landscape under a single website's banner: ESGN TV.

ESGN TV is currently in beta, and its aim is to manufacture another 24-hour eSports network. It'll partner Europe's Electronic Sports League (ESL), China's GameFY, and South Korea's GOMTV. No official word on whether North America's Major League Gaming or any other North American eSports representative will step into the ESGN TV fray.

To clarify, there's already an Its spin-off, however, will not only conglomerate tournament footage from all three of the aforementioned eSports channels, but will create unique in-house content, such as player interviews and stuff that looks at the "lighter side" of gaming. No clear details on what that means yet. So far, ESGN TV has nothing scheduled except for a week's worth of its own commercials playing on a 24-hour loop.

ESGN TV also wants to level the playing field between nations as far as player ranking. By establishing a player point system, it will somehow establish whether This Guy From Korea is better or worse than That Guy From Germany. This is currently the most unique offering ESGN TV will have over any other network. And possibly the in-house content which starts up in January 2014. Which, if their commercial with white girls in yoga pants screaming, "Size doesn't mean everything!" is any indication, ESGN TV may be on the wrong track already.

eSports Global Network ESGN Launches Today to Bring eSports to a Global Audience

ESGNTV Starts into Beta Today – Launch Expected for Early 2014.
Online Broadcast and News Sites Leverage Growing Popularity of Professional Video Gaming by Delivering Around The Clock Content.

Berlin – December 9, 2013 – Clauf GmbH, an online media company dedicated to eSports, has launched two new sites for fans of professional gaming and eSports. ESGN, the eSports Global Network (, and its web-based broadcast platform, ESGNTV (, which launches into beta today, aim to deliver the latest content about eSports from all over the world. eSports is the highly popular and growing professional video gaming where talented professional video game players compete for rewards and fame in tournaments and leagues throughout the world. Partnering with organizations including the ESL (Europe), GameFy (China) and GomTV (Korea), ESGN and ESGNTV cover every facet of the eSports profession, including up-to-the-minute information on competitions, breaking news, event dates and schedules, player profiles and much more from the world’s biggest tournaments. Both sites are available now for free without any registration necessary.

“With ESGN and ESGNTV we aim to be one of the leading content providers in the eSport landscape, providing a fresh approach to the profession and airing incredible content found nowhere else,” said Jong Hwan Lee, CEO, Clauf GmbH. “This is the first step in a truly massive global initiative that will bring eSports to fans like never before. Our eSports experts and partners are eager to launch ESGN and ESGNTV for the masses.”

ESGNTV – The New “Global eSports Network for Gaming”

ESGNTV is a global online 24-hour broadcast network with nonstop coverage of eSports. Hosted by eSports expert Dan “Frodan” Chou and produced by former ESPN producer Morgan Stone, ESGNTV puts competitive gaming on a massive international stage. Through up-to-date news, in-depth discussions, competitive shows, behind-the-scenes analysis, player profiles, player interviews and the most recent tournament results, ESGNTV caters to all facets of eSports and competitive gaming.
The ESGN team broadcasts from a 6,000-square foot studio on the site of the oldest large-scale film studio in the world, the renowned Potsdam Babelsberg. The beta starts with the competitive show “Fight Night,” starring games like Starcraft II, Hearthstone and Street Fighter. The launch of the full ESGNTV schedule is planned for early 2014.

Introducing ESGN Points – Leveling the Playing Field

With ESGN Points, ESGN introduces a cooperative ranking system algorithm among partner organizations from numerous regions, creating a level playing field to evaluate players and teams. This comprehensive point system allows ESGN to calculate separate achievements of players from major events into an overarching competition and weighted scoreboard. From their start to finish, teams and players will have their achievements, roster changes and match records tracked and coordinated to the ESGN Points and ELO rankings. also features an annual schedule of upcoming events and results for past tournaments with an appendix of specific matches, players and prize-money. As a result, the visibility of major tournaments and profiles of professional players are improved on a worldwide scale.

For eSports Enthusiasts, by eSports Enthusiasts

Spearheaded by executives with more than a decade of combined eSports experience, ESGN has employees with a background in gaming and a vast understanding of the pro gaming scene, ranging from eSports professionals to passionate and homegrown community contributors.
With headquarters in Berlin, ESGN aims to bring the video game industry’s attention further to the eSports landscape. Broadcasting across four established channels, including and YouTube, ESGNTV will deliver its content throughout North America, Europe and Asia to bring the world’s best eSports players and events to all audiences.

“Working together will really enable us all to grow faster and to make professional gaming a true global sport, rivaling the biggest traditional sports out there. One company alone will certainly not be able to make it, so we as an industry have to cooperate and combine our efforts,” said Ralf Reichert, Managing Director, Turtle Entertainment (ESL).

“By introducing brand new features, such as the comprehensive ranking system, ESGN pushes the envelope of eSports as a worldwide phenomenon,” said Jeong Wong Che, Managing Director, Gretech (GomTV). “During the last couple of years, we have seen outstanding development globally that has put eSports closer to the center of attention. ESGNTV will help to progress this even further by producing compelling content that players all over the world will desire.”

“The eSports scene in China has developed massively during the last couple of years. ESGN and ESGNTV will help to further strengthen this development and share our content with a worldwide audience,” said Chen Jianshu, General Manager, GameFY.

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