You got the touch!.. You got the poowwweeer! YEAH!

by: John -
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There seems to be a small movement to get The Touch from Transformers: The (Good) Movie out on either Guitar Hero or Rock Band. Personally, I'd love, love, LOVE to have that song in either game. Like how the Portal song was such a great addition to the list, I think the Touch would be that as well. I mean, who doesn't remember hearing that song and seeing Optimus Prime jump up and transform into his bad-ass robot self and take out a bunch of Decepticons. Count me in as one to want that song in the games as well. To take it a little further, how about a collection of 80's cartoon theme songs for the game? Put in Thundercats, GI Joe, MASK, and Transformers to name a few and I bet you'll get a ton of purchases. Come'on Harmonix and Neversoft, let's make it happen.

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