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The EA Store and other digital retailers are now offering Command & Conquer Red Alert 3: Uprising for download. This expansion pack gives you four new mini-campaigns and a new challenge mode as well as other enhancements. I'm sure folks will love the appearance of Ric Flair as we seem to get a lot of "Wooooos" on our comments to the videos. I'm kind of sad to say I have yet to play the game as I loved the previous ones. The expansion pack is available for $20.

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Los Angeles, Calif., March 12, 2009 – Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: ERTS) today announced that Command & Conquer™ Red Alert™ 3: Uprising is available for download at the EA Store and other online digital retailers worldwide today. Command & Conquer Red Alert 3: Uprising is a single-player campaign expansion to last fall’s award-winning real-time-strategy game Command & Conquer™ Red Alert™ 3. This expansion pack takes players into the aftermath of the Red Alert 3 war with four new mini-campaigns, new plot twists and the all-new Commander’s Challenge mode. The series’ trademark live-action cinematics also return with performances from Jamie Chung, 16-time world heavyweight wrestling champion “Nature Boy” Ric Flair, Malcolm McDowell and Holly Valance alongside returning fan favorites Gemma Atkinson and Ivana Milicevic.

“It has been an incredible year for the Red Alert team. We just received the AIAS award for Red Alert 3, so we are especially excited to follow-up with the release of the campaign expansion Command & Conquer Red Alert 3: Uprising,” said Amer Ajami, Senior Producer at EA Los Angeles. “We have created something really compelling for Red Alert fans with the additional dungeon-crawler campaign for Yuriko and the new Commander’s Challenge mode that will offer gamers a deeper experience with the story and hours of fun and challenging gameplay.”

Command & Conquer Red Alert 3: Uprising includes four new mini-campaigns, three of which revolve around the Soviets, Allies and the Empire of the Rising Sun Factions. The fourth campaign features one campaign entirely focused on Yuriko Omega, the seemingly harmless Japanese schoolgirl-turned-deadly-weapon by the Empire of the Rising Sun. The player controls Yuriko Omega in a dungeon-crawler style campaign, as she develops her powers and fights her way out of a psychological research facility.

In the new Commander’s Challenge, players encounter 50 unique and challenging scenarios, each with its very own over-the-top and distinctive twist, confronting players with everything from giant bears and an entire army of Yurikos to massive satellite showers. Starting out with limited units at their disposal, players gradually unlock more units, technology and new challenges. Each challenge is equipped with a par time that is up to the most competitive players to beat.

Command & Conquer Red Alert 3: Uprising is available for digital download today for $19.99 and is rated “T for Teen” by the ESRB and “16+” PEGI. For more information about the game, please visit, home of Command & Conquer TV, EA’s dedicated online Command & Conquer network, where players can get all the latest news, tips and strategies straight from the developers. Command & Conquer Red Alert 3: Uprising can be played without the full version of Command & Conquer Red Alert 3.
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