You can FINALLY tell what drive Steam games install on

by: John -
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I've recently updated most of my computer to using SSD for faster performance. It's been pretty good, but because of cost, I had to go with the 128GB and 256GB configurations. That's a far cry from my 2TB drives that I had in there. Because of the smaller capacity, I had to go and change my Steam install and games to a secondary SSD, but wouldn't it just be nice to let me have the option of installing some of the games on the older hard drives I have in my computer.

Well, it's finally here! With the recent update allowing Big Picture mode, there's an option to add another installer folder and thus, giving you a choice when you install games on where to go. Now, not all of the games will let you do this currently, but it's a step. A small, really needed, long overdue step. You'll have to sign up for the beta of Big Picture mode to access this.

Now, I can move some of my games that I don't play as much or don't care about as much to a bigger traditional hard drive and leave my SSD for the games I play often. Huzzah!
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