Xbox 360 slims getting the ME3 "Vault" treatment, related DLC

by: Nathaniel -
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Fun fact:  Every single item sold in stores today contains a single-use code that will allow the purchaser access to exclusive Mass Effect 3 content.

Ok, so that is not strictly true, but there sure are a lot of different ways to obtain exclusive ME3 DLC - just check out this article over at  Is the $870.00 price tag associated with purchasing every bit of exclusive pre-order DLC stated in that article a bit hyberbolic?  I think it is, since it ignores that fact that many items offer the same content, much of it will be available after the game's release at normal microtransaction prices, and some of it can probably be earned in-game.

What I'm getting at here is the fact that Calibur 11 is offering a Mass Effect 3-themed Vault (check out the deets right here) that will come with a single-use code that entitles the purchaser to exclusive pre-order content.  It's called the Reinforcement Pack and contains multiplayer race and class unlocks.  It also comes with a certificate of authenticity, because of course it does.

So there you go, folks.  Feel free to add another $89.99 onto that previous $870.00 total.

Mass Effect 3's release date has not changed in the last hour.  It's still March 6th.

[via: joystiq]

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