Xbox 360 Warranty gets better again

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Microsoft announced yesterday that they were once again upgrading the warranty on the Xbox 360.  previously, Microsoft extended the warranty to one year from 90 days, and now they have added free shipping (both ways) as well as a promise to get you back your original Xbox 360 in most instances.
A rundown of the changes:

  • Free Shipping (Both ways)
  • Return of Original Console (Both in and out of warranty situations)
  • Faster Service (Five business day turn around from upon receipt)
  • Enhanced Operations (More Customer service staff, better training and end-to-end experience)

Xbox 360 Warranty and Service Enhancements

1. New Warranty Enhancements, Including Cost-Free Shipping and Return of Original Console
We recently announced that we changed the Xbox 360™ warranty in the United States and Canada from 90 days to one year from the date of purchase.  Now we're adding additional service enhancements, taking Xbox 360 customer service one step further. 

Free Shipping:
In the event your console needs to be returned to us for repair your shipping costs are free.  We will immediately send you a postage paid container in which to send us your console, and we will pay for shipping charges to return your console to you.

We are committed to delivering an improved Xbox customer service experience for our Xbox 360 console customers, one that is faster, more efficient and includes shipping free of any charge.  From our customer service representatives to our executive team, the entire Xbox team has made delivering on this commitment a top priority.

New Post-Service Warranty:
If we repair your Xbox 360 within the original warranty period, you will receive either the balance of your original warranty, or 90 days, whichever is longer.  In addition, we will now pay for the shipping both ways.

If we repair your Xbox 360 after the warranty period has expired, while you will be responsible for the repair costs, your repaired console will be returned to you with a new, one year repair warranty. 

Return of Original Console
In either an in warranty or out of warranty situation, most customers will now receive their original console back from Microsoft. 

2. Faster Service
We are implementing an expedited repair process; upon receipt of the console, Microsoft will repair it and ship it to you within five business days.

3. Enhanced Operations
We're increasing the number of Xbox customer care representatives, enhancing our training processes and further building out our on-site technical support, all so our customers will begin to experience a noticeable improvement in the quality of the service they receive when they contact us.

Xbox will be hiring a customer care champion who will be responsible for ensuring the end-to-end experience for all Xbox customers is first-class, evaluating and implementing new practices and policies to further enhance the Xbox customer experience.  We are also adding more staff at the supervisory level, to ensure we serve you better.

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