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I think I speak for most gamers when I say I am sick to death, no pun intended, of zombies. Like pirates, ninjas and bacon before them, zombies are the latest thing that nerds just would not shut the hell up about and now we're reaping the consequences. Proletariat might have the last novel take on the genre, however, with World Zombination. It's an RTS for mobile devices that lets you defend against the encroaching zombie hordes or, conversely, devour and infect the remainder of mankind as the shambling ghouls. I must admit that it looks interesting...but please, can we move onto to running werewolves or Lovecraftian eldritch horrors into the ground now?



Proletariat Releases First Gameplay Footage of World Zombination
Early Look at Pre-Alpha Gameplay
          Cambridge, Mass.---October 30, 2013---Proletariat Inc., the indie studio behind upcoming game World Zombination, has released a debut trailer showing off pre-alpha gameplay. There’s an actual gameplay-walkthrough, not just heavily edited or pre-rendered footage. It looks like it plays and plays like it looks (but far better looking come release!) Proletariat is also kicking off online beta sign-ups for new players who want to receive regular updates and be first in line to try out the game in early 2014.

          The Proletariat team recently presented a sneak peek of World Zombination in the illustrious Indie MEGABOOTH at PAX Prime, where games media and players alike got a first-hand opportunity to choose sides and attempt to destroy the city of Seattle, where they gleefully destroyed the Space Needle, over and over again..

          World Zombination, a faction-based combat strategy game where players can choose sides in the zombie apocalypse, will be released in mid-2014 (hopefully) on iOS and Android first, and then PC/Mac/Linux soon after. Players can sign up now for the Beta starting early next year at the World Zombination web site:

          Jesse Kurlancheek, creative director and sloth hugging champion at Proletariat, offers, “When we started working on World Zombination, we really wanted the player to experience the power and fun of controlling a massive zombie horde rampaging through a city. Every time I enter a mission and spawn the horde, I get a big, dumb grin on my face. It’s incredibly satisfying to let loose a legion of the undead on the helpless citizens.” Proletariat CEO Seth Sivak adds, "This is just one piece of gameplay, we’ll be showing off our strategic tower-defense missions sometime soon."

          The new video, now available on the Proletariat YouTube channel, starts by walking through the massively multiplayer gameplay on the world map with factions battling over several different cities. The focus of the video shifts to a single mission in Boston to show off a new spin on real-time strategy gameplay mixed with reverse tower defense.

          On the mission, the player takes control of a horde of zombies and is able to mutate them into powerful special units that include the massive Brute (a lover of hot dogs), the fast-moving Runner (a natural athlete), and the Infector (the lovable, but misguided doctor), who just wants to “heal” the dead humans to create more zombies. The mission ends with the zombies overrunning the final hospital and wiping out the remaining humans. Poor humans.
About Proletariat

          Proletariat is a Boston-based startup built by game-industry veterans from Harmonix, Turbine, Media Molecule, and Insomniac. Proletariat lovingly handcrafts engaging tablet-first experiences, focusing on creating great team multiplayer games. Like the original revolution, Proletariat rises up to wrest game development from big industry and return it to the people. For more information, please visit,, ‘like’ us on Facebook at, and follow us on Twitter @proletariat_inc.
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