World Cyber Athletes take on Celebrities at Spike TV Video Game Awards tonight

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Tonight Spike TV's Video Game Awards look to be quite a show. Not only do the feature some new game trailers for upcoming titles, but you also see members of World Cyber GamesTeam USA take on some celebrity gamers. Team USA will be destroying various celebrities through out the entire show. Check out the official site for the World Cyber Games here and be sure to watch Spike TV's VGA show tonight at 9pm.

World Cyber Games TEAM USA to Battle Celebrity Gamers at the 2007 Spike TV Video Game Awards in Las Vegas

Fresh off stunning team and individual world championship wins at the WCG 2007 Grand Final, members of WCG TEAM USA will take on Celebrities and Sports Icons at the video game industry's most prestigious celebration


December 7, 2007 -- International Cyber Marketing USA, organizers of the World Cyber Games announced today that members from WCG TEAM USA will be representing the very best in competitive gaming as a key element of the Spike 2007 Video Game Awards show. Tune into Spike TV this Sunday at 9:00pm EST to catch topnotch gamers from TEAM USA as they teach celebrities a thing or two about professional gaming in front of a national TV audience.

Continuing their partnership with Spike TV, the World Cyber Games will be making its VGA debut as members of the 2007 WCG gold medal-winning TEAM USA battle it out in the green room against Spike's roster of celebrities and entertainers. TEAM USA players will also be on hand throughout the event showing off their world-class gaming skills, as well as offering some tips and tricks from the pros.
"This is an outstanding opportunity to showcase the great players of WCG TEAM USA and to introduce celebrities to the world of e-Sports," said Michael Arzt, general manager of International Cyber Marketing USA. "We would love for celebrity gamers to get more involved in e-Sports and maybe even see some of them enter into our WCG USA Championship tournaments next year to find out how good they really are."

The "2007 Spike Video Game Awards" hosted by Samuel L. Jackson will air on Spike TV on Sunday, December 9 at 9:00 PM ET.

The World Cyber Games 2008 Official Titles will be announced in February and the WCG USA tournament registration will open shortly after.  Visit to vote on the 2008 official roster of titles or to learn more about how to participate in the World Cyber Games.

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