Who's the best gaming hero, in your humble opinion?

by: Sean Colleli -
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Gamespot is running a character popularity poll that pits several well-known gaming heroes against each other. Personally I think these kind of polls are just fanboy baiting but the results are interesting. I'm a little sad that Samus is only beating a has-been like Duke Nukem by less than a percentage point, but the big dustoff is surprisingly between Gordon Freeman and...no not Mario, Link. Again kind of pointless considering they're from two completely different genres, but if you like go toss your hat into the ring.

I'm surprised that Sonic isn't still in the bracket, but he hasn't been doing too well lately.  Master Chief isn't in the finals either, maybe Halo fans are too busy defending ODST to vote? I figure if all these characters ever got together they'd just swap stories and drink a few beers, and have a laugh over how the fanboys envision them beating the daylights out of each other.
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