When you can't wait: why buying new games doesn't have to mean paying full price

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Ben Kuchera at Ars Technica wrote an interesting piece on why buying a game at launch is a fool's errand. The fact that many companies produce a title with most, if not all of the DLC included later on down the road in a few short months rewards those that have the patience not to buy the game on its initial release date. It's a model that my brother has followed for many years in both gaming and electronics.

But from a monetary standpoint, you can still come out a little if you decide you have to have that game on release date or a few short days after. You don't HAVE to pay full price and it's pretty darn easy.

Just go to any deal site and you'll easily find games that are on sale before or on the release date anywhere from 10-20% off. I'll use Ben's Bargains, a well known deal site as an example.

Batman: Arkham City was released on October 18. Let's put Arkham City in the search box. What does it come up with?

Well look at that. NewEgg had it for $48 if you ordered with the coupon on September 9th, a full month and change before the game's release. And that's with free shipping too. For those wanting the PC version, Green Man Gaming had it for $34 on pre-order with a digital coupon. The PC version's not due for another week or so.

This is a rare occurance for big games right? Let's try Battlefield 3, which was released in October 25th.

Well look, Newegg again had it for $48 on September 13 for pre-order with free shipping provided you enter in the online code. And this is for all versions as well.

How about Uncharted 3, which was released on November 1.

Again, NewEgg comes through with pre-order on October 17 with a coupon code bringing it down to $48 with free shipping.

Today is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's release date. How much you want to bet I could've had this game for $48 with free shipping from NewEgg?

You mean I could've pre-ordered three weeks ago and got it for that price? Shocking!

As you can see, NewEgg is a big provider for games on release date for less than the retail suggested price of $60. Other online retailers will sometimes have deals as well. You'll get free delivery and save a few bucks too. Now, not ALL games will net you these savings, but a good majority will and as you can see, some are the really big AAA titles for the season.

So if you HAVE to have that game when it comes out, start reading a deal site regularly, don't be afraid to shop online, and have it delivered to your door for free and save. Then you can experience all the bugs, 0 day patches, and buy a DLC or two with that saved money.

$60 for a game at release? Psh! $48 is the new $60 when I do my shopping.
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