When it comes to wardrobe, The Secret World knows how to make it work

by: Randy -
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I looked at these eight screenshots and convinced myself they all came from eight separate role-playing games. That assumption was wrong. They all came from one MMORPG: The Secret World.

Apparently, when your video game's elevator pitch balls up a) dark fantasy, b) survival horror, and c) a modern day setting, there's some leeway on how characters dress for the occasion.

We've got American footballers taking the Assassin's Creed, Gwar stuck in the Matrix, Captain Jack Sparrow's mad-hatted lackeys, and librarians sporting Stargate weaponry with PIP-Boy wrist wear. You can even put on one of Michael Jackson's pseudo military overcoats and hang out in a torture porn basement. The possibilities? Endless.

Developer Funcom prides itself on freedom--fashion freedom--so nobody has to show up at the Illuminati company Christmas party wearing the same Tron adult onesie as that other girl over there spiking the punch. Ugh, look at her. Obviously I know how to make it work. Shout out to Project Runway's Tim Gunn, everybody! [Subtle. -Ed.]

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