What to expect from the second update coming to Madden NFL 10

by: Chad -
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Madden NFL 10 is a solid football game and EA Sports is brewing a second update to make it even better.  They released some preliminary details a while back which you can read here.  Then, you can read all of the information released today by clicking this link, but I'll try to condense the information to give you a little less reading. 
  • Seattle Seahawks home uniform now default to blue pants and also add the neon green option that they wore in Week 3 against the Bears.
  • Tribute stickers added to Titans' helmets for Steve McNair and Eagles' helmets for Jim Johnson
  • Double the amount of time a replay can be recorded
  • Increased frequency of Auto Instant replays
  • Reduce the number of times the Chain Gang Measurement cutscene plays
  • Extend the time of postplay videos so that presentation of certain shots could finish (don't worry, these can still be skipped if desired)
  • Changes to Franchise stats (increase TDs by HBs, decrease QB passing yards and touchdown passes, increased sacks for 3-4 OLB's, decreased sacks for MLB's and DT's, decreased injury chances for players with high injury ratings)
  • Each players draft info can now be found. 
The updates to the Franchise Mode will not affect any existing franchise so it should be a painless install.  Hopefully this attention to detail and persistant effort will show up in the next Madden iteration.  Too bad they aren't taking note of the 2-year development cycle that Nathan talked about a while back. 

This update should be coming soon so keep an eye out for more information as the date approaches. 
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