What is the Sharq Attaq you ask?

by: Jeremy -
More On: Monster Hunter Tri
I posted the latest online quests available in Capcom’s Monster Hunter Tri yesterday. One of the event quests that are currently running in the game is entitled “Alluring Dress" and the reward listed with it is the Sharq Attaq lance. Sounds simple enough, but what it is exactly?

Snow over at Capcom’s Unity Blog has lifted the veil on the new weapon and prized reward for this quest. As it turns out, the Sharq Attaq may be one of the wackiest weapons to hit any game ever. Completing the special quest will award you with Sharq Tickets which will give you access to the ability to forge the Sharq Attaq lance. This lance is a giant Shark and the shield that accompanies it is a no swimming sign. I want one... too bad the quest is no where near as easy as the description makes it sound. Have fun with this one... and watch out for that Royal Ludroth.

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