What does Kinect functionality bring to Steel Battalion?

by: Nathaniel -
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Ok, maybe core gamers shouldn't write off Kinect just quite yet.  This Steel Battalion Heavy Armor video give you a brief look/tutorial on how exactly you'll utilize Kinect to control your Vertical Tank (VT) as you and your crew negotiate futuristic battlefields that look just like WWII Europe.

Of course, there is a reason why these futuristic battlefields look like they were torn from the digital pages of the History Channel before the History Channel decided pawn shops, junk merchants, rural alligator hunters counted as "history."  You see, the Steel Battalion "universe" is one in which computers don't exists, and without computers, you don't have modern warfare.  That leaves nothing but the analog evolution of pre-digital weapons of war.  

Finally, everyone attending PAX East in Boston (April 6-8) will be able to get their hands on Steel Battalion Heavy Armor for the very first time.  Try out Manhattan Beach Landing at the Capcom booth (#950) and an exclusive mission set in New York at the Microsoft booth (#524).

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