Westinghouse Digital uses lots of quation marks to announce inclusion in gaming events

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You know someone is trying to make a splash when they include the titles of the events they are working with. When they have multiple events that's even better. Still, anything held at Comic-Con has the possibility of being huge (simply because Comic-Con is huge), and "Gamer's Showdown" is a cool event name. Westinghouse is going to be showcasing a few of their display models at varioius events across the country. They're going to be brandishing their top of the line 1080p LCD HDTVs and monitors for everyone to see.  I hope they're playing some sort of combat game as opposed to showing down who can dress Barbie the prettiest, which is how Chuck settles gaming disputes.




Westinghouse TV's "In The House" at Maximum PC's "Gaming University" At Comic-Con and "Gamer's Showdown" Events at Showdown LAN 2007



Santa Fe Springs, CA - Gamers will get an eye-full of the hottest gaming displays this summer as Westinghouse Digital Electronics, the fourth best-selling manufacturer of LCD TVs in the U.S., according to The NPD Group's retail tracking service*, showcases its top of the line 1080p LCD HDTVs and monitors at three major exhibitions. As part of a new partnership with Maximum PC and PC Gamer magazines, Westinghouse displays will give gamers a chance to experience the ultimate large, screen gaming solution via its LCD TVs with 1080Pure technology, the highest quality HD available. 


Westinghouse HDTV's will be on display at Maximum PC and PC Gamer's "Gaming University" at Comic-Con 2007 (July 26-29, San Diego, CA) and it's two Showdown LAN events (June 15-17, San Jose, CA and September 14-16, Indianapolis, IN).  Attendees at each event will have a chance to win Westinghouse 1080p LCD TVs as well as test out their gaming power. The company's full line up of 37", 42" and 47" 1080p TVs and monitors all feature blazing-fast response times that eliminate ghosting and shadowing.


"Westinghouse Digital was the first to market with a full lineup of 1080p LCD displays and we think this exciting technology is the perfect solution for gamers, who can now enjoy playing their favorite video games in the highest available HD resolution on a beautiful large screen instead of a small computer monitor," said Sherry Chapman, Marketing Communications Manager, Westinghouse Digital Electronics. "We are extremely excited to be teaming up with Maximum PC and PC Gamer, two books at the forefront of the gaming revolution."


Westinghouse 1080p TV's incorporate the latest Westinghouse proprietary technologies such as: 1080Pure(tm) offering 1080p resolution out of all HD connectors; SpineDesignÔ intelligent cable access; DayBright(tm) panel technology for stunning daytime or nighttime viewing; and AutosourceÔ technology, intelligent engineering that automatically turns the TV on and adjusts it when an external source that is detected. 


"Maximum PC and PC Gamer are thrilled to partner with Westinghouse for Showdown LAN 2007 and Gaming University," says Stacey Levy, Group Publisher of Technology, Future US.  "Westinghouse produces some of the best monitors out there and having them for Showdown and Gaming University will guarantee that gamers will have the ultimate gaming experience. "


At Comic-Con two 37" Westinghouse HDTVs will be displayed at the Maximum PC booth and then given away during/after the event.  At the Showdown LAN events, Westinghouse will showcase 24", 37", 42" and 47" 1080p displays and will give away three 37" displays after each event.


In addition, Westinghouse Digital will have on display at the Showdown LAN events its new 24" LCD desktop computer monitor, the L2410NM. The L2410NM is designed to bring elegance and sophistication to the desktop or home office. Beyond 1080p quality with its super-high 1920 x 1200 resolution and 700:1 contrast ratio, the L2410NM is ideal for digital entertainment applications such as watching TV and DVD movies, playing HD-video games, and surfing the Internet.


The annual Comic-Con expo brings together over 100,000 die-hard fans of pop culture to discover the newest trends in media and culture. Maximum PC's popular Gaming University features daily in-booth gaming seminars and panels, product/game demos, and numerous contests and giveaways.  Showdown LAN 2007, California's largest LAN event, offers hardcore PC gamers three action-packed days of competitive tournaments, exciting prize giveaways and hands-on exclusive play tests of upcoming games. Maximum PC and PC Gamer editors host a variety of workshops and educational clinics to provide expert advice on building a PC from scratch and insightful gaming tips.

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