Weekend Impulse Buys and Command & Conquer 4 special

by: Marissa -
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As usual, our friends at Impulse have some fine deals for the weekend.  Thank you, because I was looking for an excuse not to go out of doors.

First up: a Command & Conquer 4 pre-order special that's actually quite nice. If you preorder the game, you'll get:

  • C&C4 soundtrack performed by the London Philharmonic!
  • Exclusive access to single player bonus mission
  • IMMEDIATE access to the C&C4 multiplayer beta test
Not too shabby.

As of this week, you can also get your hands on James Cameron's Avatar (also in a Special Edition) and Fallen Earth.

You can check out all of the sales here, but these look pretty good:

And Yet it Moves for $7.49
Tropico Reloaded for $4.99
Tilted Mill Complete Bundle for $29.99
Elven Legacy for $14.99
Starscape for $9.95
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