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Penny ArcadeThe economy may be showing signs of recovery in some areas (the musical instrument retail store that comprises my day job has seen some electric and acoustic guitar brands trending upwards over this same time last year, and even over last month), but recovery is certainly not across the board.  Your wallets may still be experiencing some considerable downsizing as we speak.  And while GamingNexus doesn't typically post ads for sales, Stardock is trying to do you right by keeping a steady flow of deals with its Weekend Impulse Buys.  Besides, with Swine Flu well behind us* you need something else to talk about in your Twitter.

May 7 - 10 you can find yourself On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness - Episode 1 for $9.95 (down from $14.95) or snag Episode 2 at the same time for a grand total of $19.95.  You could be Making History Gold Edition at half price for $9.99.  Age of Booty is being raided, pilaged, and sunk for 50% off at $4.99.  Or, for a five-dollar bill, you can get the Hack and Slash Bundle which includes indie action-RPGs The Chosen and Space Hack.

*It'll be back in the fall.

Hack and Slash Bundle - includes The Chosen and Space Hack
Pick up two of the best indie action/RPGs around with the Meridian 4 Hack and Slash Bundle.

$19.99 $5.00

Age of Booty
In Age Of Booty, players team up with other online players or AI-controlled pirate ships to raid, pillage, sink, and destroy their way to dominance.


On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness - Episode 1
Join Gabe and Tycho and enter New Arcadia in this episodic RPG-Adventure game.


Making History Gold Edition
A turn-based strategy game in which players apply their strategic skills to forge the fate of their chosen nation during a time of looming crisis.


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