Want to play SSF4 Arcade Edition?

by: Jeremy -
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Are you a Street Fighter fan who is just dying to play Capcom’s latest release Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition? If so, iplaywinner.com has a treat for you...

The website IPW, which covers fighting games, fighting games, and more fighting games, has compiled a detailed list of all of the locations throughout North America where SSF4AE cabinets have been located. There are quite a few establishments spread all across the continent that have taken the financial; plunge and imported Capcom’s latest brawler.

Locations include:
  • Family Fun Arcade in Granada Hills, CA
  • Family Amusement in Los Angeles, CA
  • Round 1 Arcade in City of Industry, CA
  • Video94 in West Covina, CA
  • Super Arcade in Walnut, CA
  • Sunnyvale Golfland in Sunnyvale, CA
  • Milpitas Golfland in Milpitas, CA
  • Gameworks Chicago in Chicago, IL
  • Chinatown Fair in New York, NY
  • Game Galaxy Arcade in Nashville, TN
  • ArcadeUFO in Austin, TX
  • Planet Zero in Houston, TX
  • Gameworks Seattle in Seattle, WA
A full list of all confirmed locations as well as street addresses and contact information is available on IPW’s site. Anyone want to take a road trip to either New York or Nashville with me? 

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