Want to join Gaming Nexus? Well, now you can!

by: John -
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Yes, we are looking for staff members! Due to a Grue getting a hold of one of our writers, another shoving a soulstone into his head and wandering off, and one guy just left saying how he had to slay 16 large monsters to try and bring back some girl, we are in need to fill some open positions.

We just got one new member but we're still looking for more so......

We need two people to fill some spots. The job entails posting 2-3 news items each day on weekdays as well as reviewing products we send to you. There's no compensation other than working with some great folks and getting to talk to some cool people in the industry. If you're interested, send Chuck or I and email detailing what writing experiences you have as well as the systems you can write for. Also, include a sample of your work if you have one.
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