Want the 3DS Circle Pad Pro? Hope you like Gamestop...

by: Jeremy -
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Nintendo and Gamestop have announced a partnership which will give the retailer exclusive rights to the sale and distribution of the upcoming Circle Pad Pro attachment for the Nintendo 3DS. The accessory, which adds a second analog stick to the system, will be released on February 7, 2012 and will only be available through Gamestop retail stores and Gamestop.com.

The announcement was made in a recent PR distribution for the accessory, which also noted that it will cost $19.99 when it is released. Remember, the Circle Pad Pro is an optional accessory and is not currently required to play any games. There isn’t any guarantees that will always be the case though, as come upcoming titles such as the new Monster Hunter game put heavy focus on its usage.

Source: Nintendo Everything

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