Wait a minute... a new NES game?!?!?!?

by: Jeremy -
More On: Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril
If you take the time to browse over the list of games being released in January 2010 you may notice an odd inclusion.  Aside from the usual PS3, 360, WIi, and PC titles set to be released, the Nintendo Entertainment System will also be getting a new title added to its library.  Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril will be making its way to the NES courtesy of Sivak Games.  The game is being bill as a classic 8-bit platformer which looks very reminiscent of the original Mega Man games. The game will be available exclusive through the RetroZone website which sells the tools and kits required to develop and produce your own classic video games.  Battle Kid won't be getting a release in rom form, or a retro style digital download; no, you will be able to purchase a real-deal NES cartridge.  If you still have a functional NES lying around, you may have a new reason to hook it back up soon.  Check out the official trailer:

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