WWE 2K14 entrance/finisher videos for Retro Chris Jericho, Alberto Del Rio, Rey Mysterio and Retro Kane

by: Nathan -
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Time for the next batch of superstar videos for WWE 2K14

First up we have the current WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Alberto Del Rio, making his entrance at Wrestle Mania 27 before his match with Edge. This main event is somewhat special to me because I got to see Alberto Del Rio win the 2011, 40 Man Royal Rumble match live in Boston Massachusetts. Man, I wanted him to win that title so bad. Unfortunately, he did not, but destiny would be fulfilled at Summer Slam 2011 as he cashed in Money In The Bank to win the WWE Championship. 

Next is Retro Kane making his entrance at Wrestle Mania 14 before his match with his brother The Undertaker, which, interestingly enough, also took place in Boston Massachusetts. Sadly I was not in attendance for that one. 

Rey Mysterio makes his entrance on the current day Raw arena and delivers his patented 619 Finishing maneuver to Drew McIntyre. Rey Mysterio is always fun to play in these games and the 619 is also incredibly fun to pull off as it's more challenging to perform as opposed to other finishers. 

Finally we have Retro Chris Jericho making his entrance at Wrestle Mania 18 before his match with Triple H. Chris Jericho is without a doubt my favorite WWE Superstar of all time, so It makes me sad that I have to relive Triple H destroying him at Wrestle Mania 18 for the Undisputed WWE Championship. That's okay I will have plenty of time for revenge against Triple H in WWE Universe mode.  
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