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Vizio announced yesterday that they have introduced two Surround Bar audio systems and a $200 Blu-ray player. The surround bars Vizio announced include the VSB210WS (includes a 2.4 GHz wireless sub) for $349 and the VSB210 without the sub for $199. Both are slated for an April 2009 release. The Blu-ray (Model VBR210) will have a MSRP of $199 and will also hit retail in April 2009. In addition, the accessories announced include wall mounts, HDMI and Fiber Optic cables as well as a surge protector. Sean and I will be stopping in to see these Vizio products along with the new TVs that were also announced yesterday.
Las Vegas (CES 2009), NV and Irvine, CA -- January 7, 2009 -- VIZIO, America’s HDTV and Consumer Electronics Company, announced three new products for its Accessories line of products including two Sound Bar systems and a Blu-Ray Player for less than $200.

“VIZIO doesn't stop at high performance HDTVs at a great price. Our Accessories line continues to expand with new components and add-ons to augment the home theater experience such as our new HD Sound Bars and our first Blu-Ray player," says Laynie Newsome, VIZIO Co-Founder and VP Sales and Marketing Communications. "These latest products demonstrate VIZIO’s continued commitment to provide the most advanced technologies at a value and a better way to enjoy HD entertainment.”

High Performance HD Sound Bars

VIZIO’s new Sound bar and Wireless Subwoofer (VSB210WS) delivers a high performance surround sound experience without the mess or clutter of multiple speakers. The VSB210WS uses four 3” high efficiency mid/bass drivers and dual 3/4" high performance aluminum dome neodymium tweeter. With a total harmonic distortion of less than .01%, the VSB210WS features SRS TruSurround (TM) for immersive surround sound and is one of the first products to utilize SRS Labs’ TruVolume (TM), which prevents extreme volume fluctuations when changing channels or watching commercials. With its elegant piano black finish and subtle chrome accents VIZIO has designed one of the world’s most stylish Sound Bar and Wireless Subwoofer solutions on the market today. The VSB210WS comes equipped with a hybrid tabletop stand and wall mount bracket providing consumers the ultimate installation flexibility.

The advanced 2.4GHz Wireless Subwoofer is outfitted with a long throw 6.5" woofer providing bass response that extends from 35Hz up to 80Hz. The Auto Sync function ensures the subwoofer connects wirelessly to the Sound Bar fo convenient plug and play operation. Only a single cable is required to connect the VSB210WS to any flat panel TV.

The VIZIO VSB210WS Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer will be available in February 2009, selling for an MSRP of $349.99. The VIZIO VSB210 (without the wireless subwoofer) will sell for an MSRP of $199.99, starting in April 2009.

The VIZIO Blu-ray Player

Providing the most superb images and stunning audio performance, Blu-ray discs deliver 1080p perfection. Retailing for $199.99, the release of VIZIO's VBR100 Blu-Ray Player means everyone can afford to bring these exquisite sights and sounds into their home theater.

Outfitted with a 108MHz/11-bit digital-to-analog converter (DAC), the VBR100 delivers phenomenal 1080p video from native Blu-rays discs and offers selectable 720p/1080i/1080p video upconversion for standard definition DVD discs (HDMI output only).

A 24-bit/192kHz audio Digital to Analog Converter ensures pristine audio playback from all of the latest surround sound formats. The VBR100 provides built-in audio decoding for uncompressed audio formats such as Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio, and multi-channel PCM in additional to all other surround codecs (Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, and DTS).

The super-slim player will fit in any entertainment cabinet, and is not only compatible with Blu-ray discs and BD-Live content, but it plays standard definition DVD-Video, DVD-R, DVD-RW, CD, audio CD-R and CD-RW, plus MP3 CDs.

Additional VBR100 Features

Video outputs: HDMI (1.3), component, and composite
Audio outputs: 7.1 channel analog audio, coax and optical digital audio, and analog stereo (RCA)
Dimensions: 17 X 11 X 2”
Includes Remote Control
Availability: April 2009
Price: $199.99 

Las Vegas (CES 2009), NV and Irvine, CA -- January 7, 2009 -- VIZIO, America’s HDTV and Consumer Electronics Company, introduced several new products for their branded line of accessories including the company's first Surge Protector, HDMI cables, a variety of Flat Panel Wall Mounts, and a HDMI Extender.

“VIZIO is one of the most trusted brands in North America and it's important for us to support our popular line of LCD and Plasma TVs with the accessories consumers need," says Laynie Newsome, VIZIO Co-Founder and VP Sales and Marketing Communications. "These high quality accessories compliment and complete the total home theater experience while maintaining our mission to give consumers the best entertainment experience at a value.”

VES800 Surge Protector

The VIZIO VES800 Surge Protector provides 8 EMI/RFI filtered outlets of energy saving surge protection to protect expensive audio and video devices from power anomalies that can damage them.

Unlike other surge protectors that power all connected devices continuously, the VES800 provides five switchable outlets, with only three outlets that stay on at all times. The standby power switch is on the front panel with an override power switch on the rear panel, which turns off all outlets.

Additional protection for other devices is provided with a combination RJ45/RJ11 jack (1 in, 1 out) for telephone, DSL modems, and routers plus two pairs of gold plated F connectors for cable and satellite signals. For easy installation in entertainment centers with limited depth, the VES800 features a 60-degree rotating power cord with a strain relief to prevent cord damage.

VES800 Features

15A/125V. 1875 Watt with 15Amp resettable circuit breaker
6 ft. 14AWGx #C Power Cord with 180 degree, USA type plug
Available: June 2009
Price: $49.99

VMAX HDMI 1.3 Cable

Serious home theater enthusiasts demand the highest quality HDMI cables, capable of delivering high-definition pure digital video and multi-channel surround sound digital audio through its single, integrated connector.

VIZIO VMAX HDMI cables are made from 28 gauge, 99.99% pure oxygen free copper, with 24K gold-plated connectors, for maximum bandwidth and transmission of high definition video and audio signals. The cables use multi-layer shielding to protect against electromagnetic interference, ensuring clear, sharp pictures, and excellent color fidelity.

The VMAX HDMI cables will connect a new VIZIO flat panel HDTV to any HDMI-enabled DVD player, including VIZIO's first Blu-ray Player, cable and satellite boxes, AV receivers, and other high definition sources. All current VIZIO Flat Panel televisions are HDMI-enabled.

The cables are currently available and sell for the following MSRP's:


$129.99 New length

New length
New length
2 Pack Cable Kits (3’, 6’, 8’, 12’) are also available for prices ranging from $39.99 To $99.99.

Flat Panel Wall Mounts

VIZIO offers a wide selection of universal motorized and manual wall mounts for 13" to 60" flat panel TVs. VIZIO mounting solutions are available in ultra thin flush, low profile tilting, and articulating styles. The UL/VESA certified mounts carry a manufacturer's lifetime guarantee with $10K worth of component insurance.

All of VIZIO's Wall Mount solutions are currently shipping with the following specifications, size fits and MSRPs:

Tilting 13" to 26"
Supports up to 75 lbs.
Tilt Range: 15 degrees up and down
Price $49.99

Articulating 13" to 26"
Supports up to 75 lbs.
Arm Extension: 3.9" to 17" (180 degree rotation)
Tilt Range: 15 degrees up and down
Price $49.99

Low Profile Tilt and Flush Combination Mount 26” to 37”
Supports up to 100 lbs.
Tilt Range: 15 degrees
Price $79.99

Low Profile Tilt and Flush Combination Mount 37” to 60”
Supports up to 175 lbs.
Tilt Range: 15 degrees
Price $99.99

Motorized Low Cost Tilt Mount 37” to 60”
Supports up to 175 lbs.
Tilt Range: 13 degrees
Price $199.99

Articulating 31" to 45"
Supports up to 175 lbs.
Arm Extension: 3" to 16" (180 degree rotation)
Tilt Range: 15 degrees up and down
Price $149.99

Articulating 46" to 60"
Supports up to 180 lbs.
Arm Extension: 4" to 26" (180 degree rotation)
Tilt Range: 15 degrees up and down
Price $199.99

HDMI Extender

VIZIO's VHFE100 Fiber Optic HDMI Extender allows users to send HDMI signals over long distances by using a unique Fiber Optic cabling system capable of preserving the HDMI signal quality over several hundred feet. Normally, the maximum range for HDMI signals is 15 feet without the use of extenders or expensive cables designed for long cable runs.

The VHFE100 allows the connection of any HDCP compliant source and can transmit the signal up to 100 meters away (over 320 ft.). The Fiber Optic cable extends to a receiver unit that is connected to an HDMI-enabled video display. It is possible to transmit and display all high definition resolutions including 720p, 1080i and 1080p. The HDMI Extender is particularly useful when electronics are stored in a cabinet or utility closet, while the video display, such as a VIZIO LCD or Plasma TV, is several feet away or in another room. The Plug and Play installation takes only a few minutes and no external power or wire tapping is required.

Availability: April 2009
Price: $199.99

VIZIO is demonstrating these new products at the WYNN Hotel in the La Tache Ballroom (by appointment only) during the International CES in Las Vegas from January 7-10, 2009.

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