Virtual item sales introduced to Anarchy Online

by: Randy -
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Using a point-based system, Anarchy Online players will now be able to engage in virtual item sales in-game.  This sytem will allow the purchase of new content and services, although Funcom promises that it will not introduce items that affect gameplay balance.  The first offerings in this new business model will be jet bikes and hover boards ("1.21 gigawatts!") with previously-released scout mechs, luxury apartments, leet pets, and various sets of social clothing working its way in the system soon enough.

Along with Sony's EverQuest setting up "player exchange servers" where player trading is regulated and acceptable, this growing theme of setting up different trade controls between players is no doubt in response to gold farming companies like IGE, et al.  Funcom is essentially becoming that one parent that would buy their kids a pack of cigarettes and have them smoke at home -- rather than allowing them to lurk about town and get busted by the authorities.  On one frustrating hand, it's kind of like "the terrorists win."  On the other, it's obvious that if a company like IGE could be shut down already, then it would be shut down.  But it's still open like a 7-11, folks, and it's Slurpee line grows with each new big-title MMO that comes out.  There are victory shouts every now and then as a gold-farming ring get slammed, but this type of business is making hundreds of millions, and we ain't talkin' gold pieces neither.

Okay, done.  Check out a stack of AO's new transportive modes after the jump.
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