Vapor-ware no more: Retro City Rampage is here!

by: Jeremy -
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It has been a long road for the game formerly known as Grand Theftendo. The project, which was started by game programmer Brian Provinciano way back in 2002, was originally meant to be nothing more than an 8-bit demake of Grand Theft Auto III. In the decade since it began, it has morphed into something of its own. Now, it is a full blown parody of both pop culture and classic video games under the title Retro City Rampage. The best part of all: it is finally being released this week!

Retro City Rampage will release for the PlayStation 3 and Vita with today’s PlayStation Store update and on the PC. It will be releasing later this year for the Xbox Live Arcade and WiiWare platforms. The best part about the PlayStation release of the game is that buying it once entitled you to access on both the PS3 and Vita, as well as the ability to share saves between the 2 platforms. Packed with over 60 story missions that span a wide variety of gameplay genres, Retro City Rampage packs in a little something for everyone.

You can check out the launch trailer for the game below and pick it up for yourself later today for $14.99 on the PlayStation Store, Steam, and

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