Vapor chamber in the next NVIDIA card

by: John -
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The GeForce GTX 480 can get pretty loud when playing intense games. The new cooling solution featuring a vapor chamber can run the card in the mid 40s DB. Now, this cooling solution's suppose to show up in an upcoming card and the video below shows off the unannounced card running some cool demos; the big one being Call of Duty: Black Ops. Too bad only a little of it is shown though.

Besides that, the Aliens vs. Triangle demo shows off some cool things such as multiple layers of tessellation displacement maps that make the alien even more detailed. Now, the fun part was seeing it being shot by a laser. I hope NVIDIA releases this demo so the rest of us can play around with it like the rocket sled demo. The city demo shows off what tessellation can offer in terms of increasing detail in a game.

Thanks Endgadet.

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